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Table Rock Lake Fishing Report
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MARCH Bass suspended in and around cedar trees along coves and pockets. Spinnerrbaits and crankbaits are good choices. Later in the month they will move on pointes and rocky banks and will take spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jig and pig and grubs. March is the best time of the year for trophy fish (5lbs. and up). Crappie school up in the timbered pockets and coves.
March Air Temp: 33(low) 56(high) Water Temp: 50(L) 60(H)
APRIL Best spring fishing month. Bass become extremely aggressive as they select their nesting sites on shallow rock and gravel banks. Choose your favorite lure, they will all work. Crappie spawn throughout the month. The action is excellent with jigs, grubs and minnows working best.
April Air Temp: 44(low) 68(high) Water Temp: 60(L) 70(H)
May to Early June Bass move off spawning beds and herd up large schools of shad and minnows off points, dropoffs and in open water. Topwater fishing is in its prime. Shad, minnows and imitation lures skipped on the water's surface will draw smashing stikes from below. Giant bluegills along with bass will be taken at thermocline depths on plastic worms, jigs, grubs spoons and live bait.
May/June Air Temp: 53(low) 77(high)Water Temp: 70(L) 75(H)
June to September: Summer patterns mean consistent easy fishing. Bass and bluegills school up at the thermocline depths (25 to 30 feet) on points and islands. They will hit nightcrawlers, crawdads, grubs, plastic worms and spoons. This is easy fishing because the location and food preference of the bass are very predictable. Summer is a great time to take kids fishing because the good action will hold their interest.
Summer Air Temp: 64(low) 88(high)Water Temp: 80(L) 85(H)
October Bass gradually return to the shorelines and hit spinnerbaits, jig & pig, plastic worms and grubs. Some bass stay deep (20 to 40 feet) and are caught on nightcrawlers and spoons. Shallow dwelling fish are most active on overcast days, while deep dwelling fish hit consistently early and late.
October Air Temp: 46(low) 71(high)Water Temp: 70(L) 80(H)
November Many bass cruise the rock and gravel shoreline feeding heavily in anticipation of winter dormancy. Spinnerbaits and topwater lures will take the larger fish. Chances are good for a trophy bass.
November Air Temp: 41(low) 61(high) Water Temp: 60(L) 70(H)

Click Here For Tony's "Somewhat Daily" Fishing Report
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